USB Wired Joystick for PS4


Power Charging through theUSB Charging adapter
Checking ThePower status through theLED LIGHT

Package includes:

1* Wireless /wired Gamepads
1* USB Charging Cable


Note:If you want to connect with PC/P3 console,need to USEusb cable

What is thedifferent between theVersion1andVersion2:
There aretwo versionof this controller ,V1AND V2.
Theversion 2 addsLight BarandTouch pad,TheLight Bar is in Thegame,you can see Thelifeline of Thegame characters.
Theback coloris V2controllerdifferentfrom V1,please check ThepHOTO.
TheV2USE4.0 Bluetooth,Theconnection is morefaster.


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